Church life changes.

Is your church management software keeping up?

25% Off Shepherd's Staff 2014 with Promo Code ISF Shepherd's Staff keeps you in control of your changing ministry needs and helps you focus on what matters most—the spiritual care of your members. Whether you're a ministry leader or administrator, this PC-based software has a solution for the unique needs of your church, from scheduling the calendar to easily organizing contribution information.

Our package includes five user-friendly modules—Membership, Attendance, Contributions, Finance, and Scheduler. With these features at your fingertips, you'll save time, improve your record-keeping accuracy, and create detailed reports just when you need them.

Backed by our top-notch technical support team, Shepherd's Staff is trusted software used by thousands of churches nationwide.

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What Are Customers Saying about Shepherd's Staff?

NEW! Multi-Purpose Check-In

Shepherd's Staff 2014 offers an optional installation of our brand new Multi-Purpose Check-In. This feature's diverse functionality is perfect for...

  • A secure check-in to Sunday School and other kids' ministry programs
  • Signing in for Bible study and other special events
  • Entering visitor contact information
  • And much more!

This feature seamlessly integrates with the Attendance module to eliminate extra manual data entry.   Learn More!

Customer Testimonial:

“For all the unique records that a church needs to keep up with, Shepherd's Staff has a solution.”

Scott C. Smith, Parkade Baptist Church, Columbia, MO